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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Critical openness

We all talk about a million things but no one really is open to self criticism. It is always the other, that we all are worried about. The scams, the scandals and a whole world of controversies that feature celebs, politicians and others who might be talked about in different contexts. Though gossip is a good mode to unwind, it should not always be the only resort. Why cant we just dwell deeper and fix those things that we lack at common place. Like, the ability to be able to smile to one another when we greet eachother in the morning or call up to respond to a missed call.

I think we are stressed mostly because we are constantly complaining about what others have in this relative world... and losing sleep over what we lack instead of looking at what we truly behold. I feel that a lot of us have just choose a sad life that we narrate it as and taht it is little to do with our real fates and circumstances because we fail to see what we have got within ourselves. i think i just repeated the point in just another words.

When they crib about a denied holiday due to personnel crisis, we are overlooking the fact that it is our presence that is being lauded.

The ability to be truly cosmopolitan and thus be able to talk to the whole mighty large world of people [ridiculous use of superlatives here!], actually comes from the enthusiasm of understanding the smallest of the small: the individuality of each person.

I know of a lot of people who ruffle up for the wrong reasons and are always under the impression that they are being watched. The trouble is that there is a lot of intolerance in our society which is superficially cosmopolitan. we unknowingly put the other in the defense then there is no way an argument can be avoided rt!?

Thats ending abruptly... cos am busy... and rude! perhaps time for some self criticism... ok bye!