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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

shamelessly agian

some people never change... ya it is me again i am referring to... it was a promise...jeez...and look at me again...shamelessly into the new year and completely forgot to blog. thank you roona... if you din ask me to send u my blog link i would have never come back sooner ...tks again. roona u gave me the crisper blu name...and now it is making a lot of noise in my new life called 'blu's own'...yippie that is the name i have given to digital collection of my works...
ok i have a qt a bit to say ...mmm most importantly that i have started painting again and feel very alive these days. thanks to me again...that i snapped out of my thining mode for the last 4 years...thinking nothing really great in particular if you ask me.
yesterday we [me and deepu] marked 4 yrs of togetherness as they say 'man n wife' in bible ;). i wud slap anyone who says marriage is no bliss... ya but then not everyone is married to deepu...may be thats y ;). i excuse ok!
i have started reading bigb's blog too...once in a while...and then i go reading back his previous posts...and the previous and te previous if it is a comparatively free day at work...and thus sort of know what the man is upto in his head...and he is petty interesting...i don miss my nanaji as much nowadays...cos he fill into that void pretty well!
by the way last year i made some new friends and lost a few too... but i guess u never lose friends who are truly friends...perhaps it was just some weeding out that happened and i don brood anymore...cos i am glad whatever happens...happens for good anyway.
i must mention that my sis who is the greatest critic in my life said that my 'white forest' was better than van gogh's! poor her or is it poor me...anyway i could feel a new chill of thrill climb up my spine when she said that...and it was perhaps something similar to what the enlightened feel when they get nirvana...ok that is a bit too much of the bull crap for now...he he...good night

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