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Sunday, 15 November 2009

hello winter...i am 50% there

Our life as it stands overlooking another winter…this winter is the fourth one we will be sharing. As winter is my favourite season, unlike the Europeans…I love the idea of snow as I am Indian. Winter is hence my most favourite weather to monologues. Not that I cease dialogues to the self everyday…but winter time is really special to do that…curled up in a rajai and sipping hot masala chai some 10 years back…and book would keep me mesmerized for idle hours in my hostel room. A brisk walk early morning by janpath was a chilly but so different that I miss them eternally here in dubai. Yes winter gets me mostly nostalgic of delhi if I sit down to do that.

This winter I want to rate my self-efficiency…it so happened that I was mail chatting with a friend and this topic cropped up. As a person of my age and profession…I am well-settled with a reliable job and a more reliable partner…both of them have been by my side for almost four years now.

I think I am 50% self efficient. It is very difficult to do everything I want but something gets done in the meanwhile…and that something is more often than not – very important