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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

the world is a stage

really it is. we all expected to play and parts and get off. sometimes...actually most of the times the thought the rattles in my head is that while we r on the separate roles assigned to us by choice or otherwise...what sort of justice are we doing to ourselves as people who are what they are without the roles. don’t we all lose a bit of ourselves while trying to fulfill the roles that become overwhelmingly larger than what is supposed to be when it all started and kamabht society and the set up is such that it crushes yourself and makes a new you which you might not quite be fond of in the first place...but will try to hook on to as an image maintenance strategy. i was trying to rediscover being from my country by reading a few good books on the making of the nation i belong to and i found that no matter far you travel you come back home...and actually home is where the heart is...and perhaps that is also the reason why despite so many winding roles we wind them up for the sake of the homebound association that is so powerful that it promises to keep you even while it threatens to break you and make you yet again...

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