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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

the power of chanting

those bright yello beads could only mean a fancy bracelet me, which followers of a certain religion kept in their palms to chant off something that their relics advice them as wise to do...during a visit to vatican i also got some chantful beads that caught my attention more because they looked so appealing. i carried a few home for keep sake. i donno if it is blasphemous and i care less to get all that checked...i used to wear them cos some days my dress matched. i would preen at its intricate floral design and get hypnotically lost in the miniature petals that formed the concentric pattern of the rose's centre. the beads were so smooth that anyone would want to keep touching them always. well enough of literature, taking flight here...what i wanted to say was that though these beads were instrumental in starting a chant that you can keep count on...i have got this new habit of chanting in my head with no beads but just mental maths. don’t ask me what i am chanting...i can assure u it is not blasphemous for one simple reason that it is not something that will evoke a wrong thought or deed while i am engaged in it. pure bliss in other of vodka or the lime

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