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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

the great grandmother's death

tday morning my hubby lost his grand mom...who was great grand mom to so many in his family that stretches from god's own country until america. she was a special lady. an institution in herself. 'forget and forgive' are the last words i can remember having heard from her when i visited here few months back, as she was brought back to life through ventilator, catheter and what not. she insisted to her children ‘forget and forgive’ and reminded them yet again that they are all one. elders chided her unnatural self murmuring that she must be losing her memory and strength to the illness. they observed it must be the lack of oxygen in the brain etc. it was painful to see her living on tubes that might have made her old age miserable. infact it was the most true to life experience that i had lived, by staying by her side in the hospital when nurses rushed in an out at a gap of every two hours to check her pulse and chage the bottle of medicine that dripped to reach her body through those many needles that pricked and stayed beneath her skin as that was the only convenient option medical science had found to keep the medicines and the essentials running to her veins. it was crucifixion - to be bandaged, pricked, pierced, and oddly postured to keep the heart beat on and on. i prayed with all my heart and wept out at her plight in the bathroom while under the shower cos my tears would have weakened her further. i begged god for mercy, to take her life...or rather relive her from this bitter pain. it is a real plight to be the senior most in the family and be left at the mercy of those whom she nursed to able children and at the hands paid help who shirk a thought at cleaning a mess that she would cry in embarrassment to let people know of. our seniors are precious as they live to pray and bless us. but the tragedy of life will come no matter what. loss of personal life always accompanies many mixed worries, finance is just one of them. but the only thing that must remain in our heads is that we can always make that money which is spent but the truth is prevail that she is now just a memory. ur babloo will miss u amama and i am not sure if i told you that i really love u with all my heart. will always. hope u will still love and bless us from the golden abode above as you now give company to apapa...

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