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Monday, 24 August 2009

raw nerve

very harmless and funny thoughts sometimes irk people whom you might think are the coolest ones around. actually when u prod deeper...the shell cracks, and you know that it is a totally stolen attittude they throw around. anyway i have a few v cool friends whom i barely meet on a daily basis but get all the fun of keeping in touch through short and sweet mail chats now and then.
tday one such friend, who will again ofcourse be unnammed [what did u think, my blog is my blog yar] popped up replying to a swine flu awareness fwd mail of mine...he quipped 'so u think am sick?' the following tete-tate got qt cheeky...really cheeky...from his age to cooking to god knos what all etc etc... it was such a rejuvinator on a mundane evening...i was all charged up despite many issues to look forward with fresh energy... and that is why i guess i like cheeky people...they help sharpen your grey cells and they start behaving themselves when they kno it is heading not their way...nor my way...but the high way! :) i am lovin it. [no i don promote mc donald all...except for their yummy apple pies and french fries - ofcourse...cos they are the best]

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