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Sunday, 30 August 2009

pst pst pastrami

that was what i named a pc to pc debate on a nonchalant afternoon like this. everyday this hr it is an urge to sleep that over rules all other sane intentions to stay up and do a good job.

so we thought of this lil past-time engagement that revolves after food and called it the meaty pastrami… a pc debate among the three of us who sit close by at work. but the debate almost died before it started as girls wana chat rt!? i suggested a quite click click of the key board and heads so that we don’t engage curious passers by in this recession doomed season to nip in a comment in the party circle that subs don’t work at all u see…but my idea din seem to impress my pals i guess.

but i wish we discuss the topic that is hot and absolutely today’s. why don’t we save money in dubai? i was reminded of the movie bedazzled…where the devil liz gives everything to brandon fraser but with a heavy penalty. perhaps we r living a bubble life where we are lured to spend and ofcourse the price is what we all are aware of. a penniless retirement is unfathomable…and the stress mounts back to the day’s time and events already…and it is a circle of questions that will inevitably follow. why do we grey so early? why are we losing hair? why am i bloating? let me fix it at that new place down the block and there goes ur precious money…and again…why do we not earn enough money? why don’t we eat right? why don’t we plan a future? why don’t we invest? when will we do all this? is vegetarian good or non-vegetarian? how about ayurvedic to allopathic treatments? should we keep a household maid or not? if yes, a full time or a part time? how many times should we travel out in the name of vacation? we should eat less out and save on medications but then after long hours at work and long hrs in the traffic what do you expect? we should live in the heart of the city or away!? do you have your parents to look after? have they saved money for you? all this chitter-chatter leads to nothing accountable really …like this pst pst pastrami that is on hold. unbelievably time-pass stuff...

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