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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

a new beginning

today i have finally changed the look and feel of my blog, which remained so for a long time...ever since i started blogging...i also wish to read through my old blogs and see what was running through my mind those days when i started blogging.
i realier had a description of myself as a simple human being who wishes to live and learn every day as it comes...but i feel actually i am some who would rather not speak cos my humour can lead to something...hence i amended that bit also...
as fb gives me a chance to do the scribbling as randon as i wish to... i would like to assert the point that my blogging took a back seat ever since i got on to fb. and actually fb happened only cos orkut was banned in uae. now i can access orkut also. that is a big open secret as most of us in uae knows how to get on...i rather not speak about it rt :)

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