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Sunday, 23 August 2009

the lonesome candy

it is that time in the afternoon just after lunch and you know what i mean. i did not what to gulp down another coffee. sometimes a desk job can make you wait endlessly…but it is blasphemous to say so or that it is a boring job at times. so will not do that :)
plus, it is also not allowed to believe that surfing net and reading interesting trivia about your favourite author or movie star is adding value to your editorial inputs. yes a lot of things that are fun related and really good to be paid for feature in a job like what am doing right now…is least mentioned and are sidelined as wasting time by those who read too less to be even qualified to read the copies that are passed through them for cross-checking. yes that was dig!
this is what mostly afternoons are meant for especially when you are waiting for a pending page plan to get started on the next title.
so i look around. argumentative indian is smiling from my drawer…not so inspiring for my mood. I ignore it with a chuckle. The second drawer has my candy box…thank god there was one lonesome katti keri candy there waiting for me to pounce on. Tcha!

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