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Monday, 24 August 2009

king of lokhandwala

today my sister sent me these ganesha pics from her locality in mumbai. when i see ganesha i feel like taking a stomach full of air…and breathe easy…he has such a divine and ‘I will take care of everything’ element about him…truly…must be the obstacle remover i guess!

ganesha’s in north india are white and painted bright whereas in the south of india u have him in black stone. there are many ganesha collectors whom i know. once upon a time my mother had more than 100 ganeshas in the house. one heavy metal ganesh fell from the top shelf in the prayer room and landed right on my head when i was 14 years old. if i take centre parting i can see that patch which shines without having sprout a hair ever after there.

i missed the modakams once again this year during chaturthi. my mom makes the sweet ones and granmom makes the salty-spicy ones…both apparently are ganesha’s favourite. mine too. talking about ganesha…i remember being hooked on to ‘ganesh says’ column by astrologer bejan daruwala during school days. ya, even i wondered why someone would have a surname like that…daruwala and all. then i heard of peacock, engineer, sardar as surnames. and guess what [guess not]…i have a memorable surname too. i am ‘king’ u see ;). not the kind of lokhandwala though! ganpathy bappa morya...may his blessing shower upon all...and remove obstacles from their lives!!!

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