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Saturday, 15 August 2009

king khan's 9/11 adventure

i love shah rukh khan like most of us do... he has an image that is likeable and a talent to hold you with his intense eyes. and also he dances fine too. why is in news today? cos of the 9/11 attack and his detention at a US airport...cos he is a khan. and that too on indian independence day...whata chak de plot...i say! it is really sad that world over a group of people are detained and questioned like they were terrorists cos a few years back a few terrorists who bombed a building in america followed the same religion. i say, america must really open their eyes and grow up to the rest of the world which in non-america. really, it is sad, to now that they cant think beyond themselves. they spend all their intelligence, money and future in mundane thoughts that revolve around their security. why do they live in such an idiotic super-ego...why do they think they are the boss of all? and that the world is scheming their down fall? dont we all have better things to do? and fill te media with insecure bull shit? the rest of the world are lamed when america flexes muscle even today, despite the growling recession that has pulled down the nation from its erstwhile financial prosperity. a lot of us still believe that america can take our lives and that we should live a shameful, hopeless lives that they bestow on us. our pitiable upbringing in international politics...what else can i say!? old habits die hard. they cant stop policing. they just cant get over themselves. fools - them. fools are us - who follow the news as we have nothing better to do i guess! but khanji hope u are ok...despite what media looking forward to read ur blog and mr bachchan's...if at all he comments on this...let us see ;)