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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

creative challenge

a friend's friend in america will be wearing the same black dress [er...i hope she has a quick dry button in her washing machine ;)] for 365 days as a creative challenge in fashion, which also serves as a fund raising program for schooling of slum children in India. she invites any designer to send their original piece to her as well and ur profile/website would be published. her project is apparently getting good attention and my frind was wondering if i would like to contribute as well cos it'd be a good publicity.
she was talking about the i passed on the mail to a bunch of journalists who might be interested and a few got bk with interest...and one got bk asking 'hey do you design clothes' as well. it rang a bell. a bit late though. actually my friend wanted to know if i would want publicity on the dresses/clothes that i design. my poor friend doesn kno i don anymore, on that scale :(. i miss died long ago.

am not so much into the art scene like i used to... these days a bit of the smoky do on my eye lids ...or wearing the same accessories on the hair one day and on the neck the other day is to where i have limited my creative inputs. forgot...sometime i practice creativity in cooking too...especially when i do not want to waste that flavourful chicken curry gravy...cos just an egg and a few spoons on parmesan gives u an outa the world omelet which u can place on a slice of bread and have as a snack with ur hot cup of tea.

10 hrs of work, 8 hrs of sleep, an hr in the kitchen... 20 mins at the pool is the only me time i have anyway, i was thinking how black posed challenge to design. i live in the middle east and here black is but custom...all their lives....especially for the women here.

and am also among those who collect black as balck is the black every season. call it the black fetish or whatever. i love black. blackberrys and black forest [cake and the one in germany from where you buy cuckoo clocks] too for that matter!

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