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Saturday, 15 August 2009

bollywood kids

i really am outawords once again. i hate reality shows...especially the one that are there in the indian media...let me boil down to the one i hate the most...hosted by two very smallchildren who give bollywood gyan. horrible!!! yesterday a friend sent me an invite to comment on her 14 yr old nephew's bollywood movie review. the boy has commented on the acting capabilities of bollywood a-liners [perhaps] plus have suggested comments in a style not different from those in film columns online and on print. each and every possible family member who knows the kid has gone gaga over his armature attempt. i guess this is the best way to let the kid float in a super ego which will get him behave like a grown up and actually not grow up at all. i feel it is definitely innocence lost at such a pace which no one is ready to agree upon. lost in doing the shabashi...which is so much easier to draw with tools like fb and others...i wonder where the grown ups are heading to...what are they setting up as ideals for their children to reflect upon. i wonder if hardy boys and mill & boons will ever hold the magic...while kids exchange twanged-bollywood masala over fb, you tube links and mobile ring tones. i lament the loss of innocence. earnestly...

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Bhoumik said...

True. People tend to forget that a good critic sharpens the skills.