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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

and the new name...

babloo'sworld is now blu is the world. blu is the short form of babloo. my friend roona thangam varghese christened me with the new shortened version of my pet name on one of my birthday cards [not an e-one...a handwritten, paper rose card] and i completely fell in love with was B'lu...which now i have accepted and carry as blu...i really do not like the upper case or the apostrophe [hope i have spelt that correct...incase i have not, then let me wish that my editor is not reading this ;)] i also do not like the dots that feature between the initials of a name. the only thing i can bear as a breaker is actually a full stop or may be a coma.
anyway as masters of english grammar and punctuations do not really care what i blog about...i feel quiet comfy here.
how about calling my blog as blug...eeks! i don like it!


paparazzi drama said...

everything is fine. the spelling and all, just don't mention the very being of your editor :P
love and peace

babloo'sworld said...
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