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Sunday, 30 August 2009

pst pst pastrami

that was what i named a pc to pc debate on a nonchalant afternoon like this. everyday this hr it is an urge to sleep that over rules all other sane intentions to stay up and do a good job.

so we thought of this lil past-time engagement that revolves after food and called it the meaty pastrami… a pc debate among the three of us who sit close by at work. but the debate almost died before it started as girls wana chat rt!? i suggested a quite click click of the key board and heads so that we don’t engage curious passers by in this recession doomed season to nip in a comment in the party circle that subs don’t work at all u see…but my idea din seem to impress my pals i guess.

but i wish we discuss the topic that is hot and absolutely today’s. why don’t we save money in dubai? i was reminded of the movie bedazzled…where the devil liz gives everything to brandon fraser but with a heavy penalty. perhaps we r living a bubble life where we are lured to spend and ofcourse the price is what we all are aware of. a penniless retirement is unfathomable…and the stress mounts back to the day’s time and events already…and it is a circle of questions that will inevitably follow. why do we grey so early? why are we losing hair? why am i bloating? let me fix it at that new place down the block and there goes ur precious money…and again…why do we not earn enough money? why don’t we eat right? why don’t we plan a future? why don’t we invest? when will we do all this? is vegetarian good or non-vegetarian? how about ayurvedic to allopathic treatments? should we keep a household maid or not? if yes, a full time or a part time? how many times should we travel out in the name of vacation? we should eat less out and save on medications but then after long hours at work and long hrs in the traffic what do you expect? we should live in the heart of the city or away!? do you have your parents to look after? have they saved money for you? all this chitter-chatter leads to nothing accountable really …like this pst pst pastrami that is on hold. unbelievably time-pass stuff...

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

fish like people

stone like people is a better word perhaps. how do you deal with them? my sister was mentioning someone who has turned cold for god knows what reasons. i have atleast a truck load of coldies. but what to do. they warm up to you only when they need something outa u. how do you deal with such bums!?

i said it...they are why the bother anyway.

but am thinking, atleast in my sister's case the one who has turned cold is jealous of her. must the same for most...cos they just cant stand me...for the good that i hold! haaa...whatay way to start the day with the self shabashi i say...v funny :)

creative challenge

a friend's friend in america will be wearing the same black dress [er...i hope she has a quick dry button in her washing machine ;)] for 365 days as a creative challenge in fashion, which also serves as a fund raising program for schooling of slum children in India. she invites any designer to send their original piece to her as well and ur profile/website would be published. her project is apparently getting good attention and my frind was wondering if i would like to contribute as well cos it'd be a good publicity.
she was talking about the i passed on the mail to a bunch of journalists who might be interested and a few got bk with interest...and one got bk asking 'hey do you design clothes' as well. it rang a bell. a bit late though. actually my friend wanted to know if i would want publicity on the dresses/clothes that i design. my poor friend doesn kno i don anymore, on that scale :(. i miss died long ago.

am not so much into the art scene like i used to... these days a bit of the smoky do on my eye lids ...or wearing the same accessories on the hair one day and on the neck the other day is to where i have limited my creative inputs. forgot...sometime i practice creativity in cooking too...especially when i do not want to waste that flavourful chicken curry gravy...cos just an egg and a few spoons on parmesan gives u an outa the world omelet which u can place on a slice of bread and have as a snack with ur hot cup of tea.

10 hrs of work, 8 hrs of sleep, an hr in the kitchen... 20 mins at the pool is the only me time i have anyway, i was thinking how black posed challenge to design. i live in the middle east and here black is but custom...all their lives....especially for the women here.

and am also among those who collect black as balck is the black every season. call it the black fetish or whatever. i love black. blackberrys and black forest [cake and the one in germany from where you buy cuckoo clocks] too for that matter!

Monday, 24 August 2009

king of lokhandwala

today my sister sent me these ganesha pics from her locality in mumbai. when i see ganesha i feel like taking a stomach full of air…and breathe easy…he has such a divine and ‘I will take care of everything’ element about him…truly…must be the obstacle remover i guess!

ganesha’s in north india are white and painted bright whereas in the south of india u have him in black stone. there are many ganesha collectors whom i know. once upon a time my mother had more than 100 ganeshas in the house. one heavy metal ganesh fell from the top shelf in the prayer room and landed right on my head when i was 14 years old. if i take centre parting i can see that patch which shines without having sprout a hair ever after there.

i missed the modakams once again this year during chaturthi. my mom makes the sweet ones and granmom makes the salty-spicy ones…both apparently are ganesha’s favourite. mine too. talking about ganesha…i remember being hooked on to ‘ganesh says’ column by astrologer bejan daruwala during school days. ya, even i wondered why someone would have a surname like that…daruwala and all. then i heard of peacock, engineer, sardar as surnames. and guess what [guess not]…i have a memorable surname too. i am ‘king’ u see ;). not the kind of lokhandwala though! ganpathy bappa morya...may his blessing shower upon all...and remove obstacles from their lives!!!

raw nerve

very harmless and funny thoughts sometimes irk people whom you might think are the coolest ones around. actually when u prod deeper...the shell cracks, and you know that it is a totally stolen attittude they throw around. anyway i have a few v cool friends whom i barely meet on a daily basis but get all the fun of keeping in touch through short and sweet mail chats now and then.
tday one such friend, who will again ofcourse be unnammed [what did u think, my blog is my blog yar] popped up replying to a swine flu awareness fwd mail of mine...he quipped 'so u think am sick?' the following tete-tate got qt cheeky...really cheeky...from his age to cooking to god knos what all etc etc... it was such a rejuvinator on a mundane evening...i was all charged up despite many issues to look forward with fresh energy... and that is why i guess i like cheeky people...they help sharpen your grey cells and they start behaving themselves when they kno it is heading not their way...nor my way...but the high way! :) i am lovin it. [no i don promote mc donald all...except for their yummy apple pies and french fries - ofcourse...cos they are the best]

mother of all faux pas

guess what tday i recieved a mail from an unknown person [she is not my friend so shall remain un-named anyway]. this mail was a reply all mail to another friend's 'may prosperity come to you' fwd. and this reply mail had juicy bitchy details of my friend's inlaws. unbelievably f*** a**. and why was it a faux pas...the friend's hubby was also in the mail list. oops! one should watchout for reply all mistake button while sending mail. and the moral of the story is that pls bcc fwd and let not the not so common circle get some itchy-bitchy details you will have to deal with later on.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

the new old friend

i found her after a long gap of 6 years …it was a surprise invite... last weekend on fb and she is a designer for b-wood. we have shared hot vada pavs on monsoon afternoons…walked around with colourful bandanas and shared some juicy secrets to giggle about.
she has changed a lot. her pictures suggest she has a new body. a very nice one which she has attained with lot of patience, yoga and special diets. her smile is bright but the zing is lost. when i asked she just types lol! lol! again and again… she says she has come of age and hence the expressions change. but i wish her all the brightness that her smile holds despite the heartache she shared with me. i wish her success in her business that sells talent and art. i wish a her world full of love…the zing must come back!

the lonesome candy

it is that time in the afternoon just after lunch and you know what i mean. i did not what to gulp down another coffee. sometimes a desk job can make you wait endlessly…but it is blasphemous to say so or that it is a boring job at times. so will not do that :)
plus, it is also not allowed to believe that surfing net and reading interesting trivia about your favourite author or movie star is adding value to your editorial inputs. yes a lot of things that are fun related and really good to be paid for feature in a job like what am doing right now…is least mentioned and are sidelined as wasting time by those who read too less to be even qualified to read the copies that are passed through them for cross-checking. yes that was dig!
this is what mostly afternoons are meant for especially when you are waiting for a pending page plan to get started on the next title.
so i look around. argumentative indian is smiling from my drawer…not so inspiring for my mood. I ignore it with a chuckle. The second drawer has my candy box…thank god there was one lonesome katti keri candy there waiting for me to pounce on. Tcha!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

for my shy friends

i have a new shy friend who will remain unamed. let me try not to give away the gender too :)...and this blog is dedicated to the shy ones who love to dress up.
the most profound thing i have heard to get rid of stage frights or stares is that:
the stares may be uncomfortable, but they will not actually harm you. and when you are sure that you are doing your best - dressing up and keeping ur coo...the starers will wander away. so be sure and letthem stare anyway...that is why god has given them a pair of those button like organs that blink!

Title Case

the newspaper i work for doesn carry a title case in its headline. fair enough. their style is that of the sentence itself...and i like the idea too. so in my blogs u will see a few names that have a capital letter and that will just mean that it came published in the paper...
i know it looks a lil inconsistent among the list of titles that sit in a neat row and a style...but i guess it is ok.
if i change my mind on that...u will see that...ofcourse!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

and the new name...

babloo'sworld is now blu is the world. blu is the short form of babloo. my friend roona thangam varghese christened me with the new shortened version of my pet name on one of my birthday cards [not an e-one...a handwritten, paper rose card] and i completely fell in love with was B'lu...which now i have accepted and carry as blu...i really do not like the upper case or the apostrophe [hope i have spelt that correct...incase i have not, then let me wish that my editor is not reading this ;)] i also do not like the dots that feature between the initials of a name. the only thing i can bear as a breaker is actually a full stop or may be a coma.
anyway as masters of english grammar and punctuations do not really care what i blog about...i feel quiet comfy here.
how about calling my blog as blug...eeks! i don like it!

a new beginning

today i have finally changed the look and feel of my blog, which remained so for a long time...ever since i started blogging...i also wish to read through my old blogs and see what was running through my mind those days when i started blogging.
i realier had a description of myself as a simple human being who wishes to live and learn every day as it comes...but i feel actually i am some who would rather not speak cos my humour can lead to something...hence i amended that bit also...
as fb gives me a chance to do the scribbling as randon as i wish to... i would like to assert the point that my blogging took a back seat ever since i got on to fb. and actually fb happened only cos orkut was banned in uae. now i can access orkut also. that is a big open secret as most of us in uae knows how to get on...i rather not speak about it rt :)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

king khan's 9/11 adventure

i love shah rukh khan like most of us do... he has an image that is likeable and a talent to hold you with his intense eyes. and also he dances fine too. why is in news today? cos of the 9/11 attack and his detention at a US airport...cos he is a khan. and that too on indian independence day...whata chak de plot...i say! it is really sad that world over a group of people are detained and questioned like they were terrorists cos a few years back a few terrorists who bombed a building in america followed the same religion. i say, america must really open their eyes and grow up to the rest of the world which in non-america. really, it is sad, to now that they cant think beyond themselves. they spend all their intelligence, money and future in mundane thoughts that revolve around their security. why do they live in such an idiotic super-ego...why do they think they are the boss of all? and that the world is scheming their down fall? dont we all have better things to do? and fill te media with insecure bull shit? the rest of the world are lamed when america flexes muscle even today, despite the growling recession that has pulled down the nation from its erstwhile financial prosperity. a lot of us still believe that america can take our lives and that we should live a shameful, hopeless lives that they bestow on us. our pitiable upbringing in international politics...what else can i say!? old habits die hard. they cant stop policing. they just cant get over themselves. fools - them. fools are us - who follow the news as we have nothing better to do i guess! but khanji hope u are ok...despite what media looking forward to read ur blog and mr bachchan's...if at all he comments on this...let us see ;)

bollywood kids

i really am outawords once again. i hate reality shows...especially the one that are there in the indian media...let me boil down to the one i hate the most...hosted by two very smallchildren who give bollywood gyan. horrible!!! yesterday a friend sent me an invite to comment on her 14 yr old nephew's bollywood movie review. the boy has commented on the acting capabilities of bollywood a-liners [perhaps] plus have suggested comments in a style not different from those in film columns online and on print. each and every possible family member who knows the kid has gone gaga over his armature attempt. i guess this is the best way to let the kid float in a super ego which will get him behave like a grown up and actually not grow up at all. i feel it is definitely innocence lost at such a pace which no one is ready to agree upon. lost in doing the shabashi...which is so much easier to draw with tools like fb and others...i wonder where the grown ups are heading to...what are they setting up as ideals for their children to reflect upon. i wonder if hardy boys and mill & boons will ever hold the magic...while kids exchange twanged-bollywood masala over fb, you tube links and mobile ring tones. i lament the loss of innocence. earnestly...

Thursday, 13 August 2009


just got a fresh rush through on how and why blogging can enhance our newspaper...well i think it is a good idea that the papers gets a fresh new attitude to blog! i almost started with a lot of enthusiasm on this and then just forgot to get on as frequently as i used to when i actually began. i think i also had the regular writer's block... i tried writing with pen on paper to get over the block...but now god knows where that writing pad has gone...oops that reminds me it has a lot of gossips jotted...phew! with imaginary kinda ok... its the weekend and i wish to have a good one :) bye for now