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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

19 people lost their jobs

And most of whom I knew personally. I feel so bad and helpless. It is important that we accept change for continuity sake. But I feel bad for their shattered dreams, their helplessness, no matter how small it was.
Some say it is bad karma. Or is it the good karma? It is so difficult to say that. I think the challenge these days is to be sure of something. Anyone today who is sure is the boss. I don’t know what I am typing off, but I am perhaps typing off to do good to myself. To get rid of daunting thoughts.
I wonder if it was to do with the image that they carried as either not-so-good employee or the one as a difficult-to-manage-employee. Ofcourse the mail from the HR says that it was retrenchment due to some positions going redundant due to restructuring of the workflow etc, but I just cant stop thinking.
I cant stop thinking what am I being thought of actually. Come to think of that it worries me. Does my boss think I am good enough. Aw! It is so depressing to even tread that path. It horrible to be evaluated. I hate it.
Yes am sure I hate the feeling.

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