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Sunday, 31 May 2009

List of good-byes

It’s been a while, years perhaps, since I got back into blogging. I was consumed in work and after work work at home. And then there was a sudden visit to India that left me shaken with many thoughts on one’s death, deadly decisions and future of retirement. Someone was almost on the deathbed but with god’s grace is revived and back home. Hospital can be such a dreadful experience to those tied down with oxygen masks and tubes running from and to so many body parts that need them there as per the doctor’s judgment. It is painful to see anyone in pain. More painful to imagine that helplessness strikes at an age when you are perhaps the eldest in the house. Yet more painful to know that the sick and helpless actually are more helpless than sick, actually! I will not bereave the dead so much from now on, but wail at the situation one has to put up before saying the final bye. In America you can opt to be put in tubes or not. Of course we all want our loved ones as long as possible with us. But I am sorry I think if it is my time to go, I must be let free.

Last week a dear colleague was terminated from work for underperformance and banned to work in the country for a specified number of months AND is not allowed to work for a competitor for 2 and a half years. Perhaps this is the only way the company can have its sweet revenge or retrieve the amount of time and money invested in flying in a candidate for the job. I don’t know what keeps the laws in place here. But I feel bad as it was a dear colleague how lost a job. I am the least of a leftist in my thoughts but this event awes me in directions I rather not spend time comprehending. All I can do is blog it.

Today I took a small break in between work to look at something which is not work-related and spent a few minutes reading a link sent by a mate who doesn like dynasty politics in congress and wanted me to have a closer look at Rahul Gandhi, as I once reflected my thoughts that I like him as the next Indian prime minister. So, hence, and therefore I have just read a write-up on the surge of Rahul Gandhi in politics. But I have nothing to say, anyone can make anyone a god or a devil. Especially the media. We are our own enemies in the kind of situation when we can be caught on camera etc etc…easier if u are the one media wants to quote and get more TRPs right!? From that write-up I liked the phrase called ‘baptized in fire’. To me it means that if u wr not born in a catholic family and baptized in water before ur senses came to senses…and are married into a catholic family, then they actually the life/time there on baptizes you in fire to get the evil spirits in u go as far as possible…ha ha ha whatever that means.
Anyway that’s that for Rahul, evil spirits and work force in the UAE. Let me skid into the next interesting thing I read today post lunch it was the recent post on big b’s blog, on his denial of the Australian doctorate after all the racist attacks on Indian students there. This leaves me thinking that even if Australia is the first among the recession proof three countries, others being China and India…am not seeing Australia in the radar as other colleagues who are fed up of Dubai especially since the season is gloomy, hot, not family friendly and highly-whatsoever-not-so-great-frankly.

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