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Monday, 22 October 2007

bas bhai kabira mere dost!

the good, the bad and the indifferent pass by us and we respond to each one of them uniquely. There is a Sanskrit saying that in order to become a doctor you need to kill a hundred patients. the itch to find and disperse has caught me in a mood to gossip. this is dedicated to a genre of friends with whom most of us would have dealt with some point or the other. they are but a big-time tongue troubler. they might make us puke out something which u wud otherwise in your sane self keep to ourselves. they are contagious. they are a phenomenon. it is natural to find these people edgy as they would not for god sake shut up at any occasion. we can thank them for the different roles they play in our lives, even if that is not what they intend to do. like you can take hints from them all them all the time and inspire ourselves to behave in a much desired manner that they fail to. or we can always remember a situation where they messed up and remind ourselves to keep off similar crisis. no wonder it is said that a good friend is a fine teacher. again, even if they dont intend to. sometimes by looking around you can learn much more than what the best universities in the world claim may offer. the only flip side to this association is that most of the time u feel miserable and sorry for being caught in their clutches... so badly that even if u want to crawl out u wont b spared. they will sense you with their inner eye even when you are invisible. they can flash glimpses of an agony aunty to a chirpy teen loafer to health freak to fad fashionista to any other category of being that inspires their mood. thing under the sun...she will have an opinion to spill...which she makes sure gets heard no matter what. if people ignore her she will break into fits of laughter or hum a tune that can distract and attract as much attention as she seeks. i hav a wild thought for my dear friend...i really wish good luck to her psychiatrist and her family who is still bearing with the witch in her. i love being with her for just one reason that she reminds me what all one should not say... and do while engaged ina conversation. thanks my frnd... kabira tu dost hoke aisa sacha roop dikhata hai ki aisa aine mein dekhne se mooh mukarta hai. wah! wah!

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