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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Working homemakers

It is interesting to observe the two new general categories of grown-ups. Irrespective of man or is either a homemaker and the other is career oriented. And of course there is mixture of the two, but are rare to find at the first glance.

The write-up is also a response to this non-stop research on whether women are doing justice to their different unconventional role(s) ever since they stepped in and out of kitchens and office cabins. No, my findings do not have a feminist flair to it, as you will soon find that my observations are quite a delight to any general chauvinist male, unfortunately.

This is a true peek in to the not-so-professionally inclined women who are entangled in the soul draining monotonous web of job-home-kids-career-beauty-splurges-fads-fashion-gossip cycle...or in other words those who come to work as they have no other option along with those who come to office to get rid of those extra hours of boredom at home and some extra money in return. Most of them are plainly lucky to be there. There is also a last category of the other women who just donÕt care whether the world is going to the dogs or to the buffaloes. I donÕt really want to comment on the last category as I am jealous of them and hence can be biased while making note of what they are.

I have realised that the workingwomen and the homemakers are two most common syndromes found among women of my generation. Infact it might have been like that always.
There is an easy way to distinguish between these two at any work place. The meek, well-covered, smiling colleague of yours is generally the homemaker type and she refers to price-rise and her meagerly income as a part of her fate. Career oriented proto-type is the one who has humour but airs opinions calculating consequences, does not care much about the keen eared Judas (male and/or female) who is tuned to her words all the time, walks with the gait of a man, looks / or is equally lost in creating and re-creating newer strategies of work flow loudly or softly with senior or equi-profiled colleagues.

Actually it is funny, this observation also apply to men. again there are two striking genres among the working men Ñ the homemakers and the career oriented men. Homemaker men are those who seem meek, well-dressed and are the always-smiling type whom we chance up on every day. The career oriented men are generally the humorous ones who air opinions not bothering about consequences or cares a damn about the keen eared Judas (male and/or female), walks with that particular gait (which you would observe close to absolutely funny) and is lost in arguments on what is right for the company with someone senior to him, whom he believes is not good as himself. Homemakers among men are not necessarily the kitchen or broom-friendly ones but they are called so as it is their's and mostly their alone business to make it for their home. They comprise of the responsible family men who are breadwinners who rarely are game to take up a challenge that has the slightest potential of a back-fire. In other words, anything that might negatively effect the monthly bank statements is cleanly cut from their list of objectives.

Both men and women who belong to the career oriented category take risks all the time they get that itch (some justifiable and some not-so justifiable type of itches). They are either employed at responsible profiles or they donÕt exist at all one fine morning. They are like the phoenix Ñ they rise form the ashes, are bright, mostly elusive (mentally as well as) physically...and are found in mythological-like stories. It is seldom that we find one colleague addressing the other as the better one at work, irrespective of the male-female factor. But we do hear stories of 'thaaaat wonderful ex-worker who was such a talent to have around...but look at whaaat the management has done'.

The funny matter of fact is that we find the two not just all around us, falling over eachother all the time, but also within us at times. We tend to swing from one of these personalities to the other but by and large retain our original make. Everyone has a million stories to tell. The story keeps us and we keep the story going. Life is quite an event at office.

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