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Saturday, 18 August 2007


i was just thinking about the various questions one has to deal in a life time. they are just too many to mention. just too many to think. ponder or respond... if it were not those dreadful questions that one has to answer, we would not have been what we are. sometimes i wish if someone did not ask that question which is not so comfortable to answer. sometimes questions are very direct and unwarranted. most of the time the quiz master knows the answer or at least the many options one can pick from. but then he still chose to ask. just for fun. he cant but ask. he is such a jerk. just to satisfy his little right to ask. even when he knows we do not want to be asked, he will ask, as he is your friend, relative or family. if you don't answer these questions you become one of those ugly arrogant villain or vamp in the family, office, among the friends. and if you answer you will just be reminding yourself of a few things you want to run away from. but is running away a solution? but who says answering is any solution? do we need to answer anyone and everyone we know, love and care about? i don't think so. but it depends. we are firstly and finally only answerable to ourselves. have i done all my duties to the best of my capacities? am i a responsible human being? even if i am not i don think i am answerable to anyone else but me the first person. how do we counter an uncomfortable question? it is not simple. first of all it depends on who is asking. and second of all it depends what he/she wants to hear. if i know who is asking, i can perhaps say what he wants to hear. but many a times it is not possible to guess what the quiz master's intention is . sometimes harmless questions can find deeper answers and expose things that one would rather keep than tell. it is but questions that get the doctor find his way through appropriate cure. questions that solve a case. questions that enlighten our need to know more. questions that keep life rolling. questions that tell us what holds beneath. questions, that yell out the truth of life. questions, that ask the meaning of deeds. questions are the answers to what most of us seek. if we ask the right question we get nirvana. and it is the search for the right question that keeps our quest to seek to learn to grow alive. i love to ask questions. that which my teachers dreaded when i would not stop asking. that which my mother had a tough time answering. now i love to ask them mostly to myself. to check what i am doing. to introspect. to hear myself loud and clear. to know whether i am on the right track. i hate to ask questions that will never get a response. its the saddest truth of rejection. it hurts. so i shy and keep off things that have the potential of the same. i feel cowardly but then that is the truth of life. someone can prompt you to ask a question. in an impulse you might ask as well. but once you do, you cant take your words back. there is mostly no solution to the damage done. this is called a foolishly brave impulse that will ring in the truth after a while, when time stands still and you hear the words that you must not have told. questions have such a lot in them. it is worth asking why we ask questions and cant do without them. if we cease to ask them perhaps we do not exist. only the dead can stop chasing life. life is all about newer questions and answers. why do we greet 'how are you?' when we meet someone...cant we just wish 'hope you are fine?' instead. why do we believe in questions. cant we simply do without them? see i cant but ask that...somebody answer me...

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