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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

kudos brittas

i dont have enough words to appreciate malayalam newspaper deepika's chairman and 'the so called controversial businessman' pharis abubaker for his bold and brave approach and attitude in an entertaining interview in a malayalam channel last night. i confess that was the most entertaining of any interviews that i hav seen so far in my life and career as a journalist in any language...any channel.

sorry i am not pinarai's anybody. i hate politics and i hate the condition of i am more likely to anyway find some common sense to what pharis blurted out eloquently in in crisp n clear malayalam...u can now read the rest.

john brittas, a relatively new face in the malayalam news (if u google for him u will find just abt his current stint as the pro-cpi news channel called kairali's head...and nothing more...) i am not sure if the media was trying to grill pharis abubaker on a string of controversies that you would have a clear picture on. this interview came out to be v memorable.

it is with amazing confidence that pharis toppled the poor show of brittas who tried his level best to do a la rajdeep sardesai. i am glad atleast a few people are there who can catch hold of these mediocre media fellas who come with half knowledge and absolutely no common sense to ask questions. but i sometimes wonder whether it was all planned. may b not. i don want to think it was a frammed attempt and spoil my enthusiasm to lash out against the poor journalists of my times. i see them all the time...all around me...and hence am best placed to make a comment. and i am making it.

most of brittas' questions where quotes and those which he wanted to mouth had no substance. really this man who calls himself a journalist needs to go out and get himself checked.

one more striking thing about the interview was that it proved that there is no true journalism in kerala. gods own country is infested by inquisitive devils. they simply cant but scratch up something which is someone else's business. its not just a phenomenon with the people in the news...but people in kerala on an average. i feel terribly sorry for making such a frank and ruff understanding of an observation. but let me bail myself out by saying that 'experiance maketh a man' has it me!

thanks to pharis, he brings alive the faith that there are atleast a few malayalis who have the wits and the wisdom to attack such 'no show...all noise' elements who rattle around trying to beat their own trumpet.

brittas in my opinion is a no body...god knows what mamootty saw in him. i was surprised to see this man one fine morning on a new news channel that had a then popular malayalam movie like name and theme (remember: we the people / 4 the people...the like). brittas cant anchor in english for anything under the sun. even shekhar suman knew just an average spoken english but he is bright...he picked up a global accent which is more show man friendly. atleast he doesnt put me off.

brittas belongs to the average breed of men who wants some attention while digging up or being a part of some controversy and he thought being a journalist was a good idea! but nicely forgot that half knowledge is deadly! i would like to believe that brittas has lost 99% per cent of his image that he tried to cultivate as an intelligent media person.

thanks to pharis for putting brittas wr he belongs.

just because u head a channel doesnt make u good enough. was a delight to see the interview. the best entertaining programme on any any indian channel since a long time i must confess...eagerly waiting for more such episodes. for once i don feel bad about spending time watching a regional channel in the few minutes that i get to spare in a day on front of the idiot box.

kudos brittas.

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Anonymous said...

actually, here everybody is talking about that interview.. which i missed :(