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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

'i got caned for speaking in hindi'

i got caned for speaking in hind, quipped a friend in his acquired foreign accent that he picked up during his stint with a call centre in hyderabad. we had try it hard to not get caught, the call centre was very particular that the client should not make out that it was an indian who was talking to them, he added at another instance.

i am sure his parents sent him to an english medium to speak the language of the babus and thus get him upwardly mobilised in the indian society. tday english is more popular than it is one of the official languages that unite the sub-continent. in my school we had to pay one rupee per hindi word...thats how the management got a few unruly jat fellas mouth angreji.

my friend also observed that, "it is because we indians speak english so well that we could bring in all the bpo deals to our country even if china was offering their services for a much lower cost."

yeah! i agrees ...the only silver lining, i confessed.

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