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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

ghost sms

a few days back i received this sms on my mobile: The income and expenditure survey will contribute to the stability of the society and help achieve prosperity for all. Sender : HHIE Survey.
thats it. the message ended there. i immediately googled for HHIE survey and found 'Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe'. i knew it had to be something else. so expanded IE as income expenditure + dubai. eureka! i found the answer. it was Household Income and expenditure survey by the ministry of economy of UAE.
but why did this vague sms come to me. was the ministry giving me hints that it is going to knock my door and ask me questions to fill in the survey form!? or did the ministry want to inform that they want every one to prosper. what is the purpose of the message? may be they were doing a dry run of their new deal with etisalat to educate the common UAE population on money matters and society. i guess not.
was it an ad of the ministry of economy? or was it actually an incomplete text...may be it had more to it. like please cooperate and fill in this particular form at this place...or available online please visit here...etc!?
A week after receiving this sms, i heard the good news of 20 per cent hike in salaries for all dubai government employees. as i work in the private sector i could only sigh in envy.
when i am less occupied sometimes i go through my sms box and delete unwanted messages. and hence i chanced up on it again. i sent a reply message: what does this mean?. i got a 'message sending failed' for the effort.
heard of ghost in the machine...has the ghost gone hi-tech!?

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