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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

empty mind...

to get out of the 'nothing to do mode' one has to continuously keep working on something. till the mind and body sends the signal - its ok, now u can take a brk. go to sleep. this situation is applicable to housewives who spend a lot of time at home without company. and end up nagging their husbands when they come home. i feel the nag is not just there in housewives...but anyone who feels he/she is not doing something substantial at home/work. you can observe this housewife syndrome with many at work place. like say if someone is not been promoted for a long time, then he ends up feeling that he is not doing something substantial. he/she starts nagging...about the system, the work, the management. he also doesn acknowledge that there are other fellow colleagues who are doing the good work. what happens if u are the receiving end? like say this nag always finds a reason to pull you down. or say if u are somewhere associated with him/her in your workflow...he/she will try troubling u by sitting on the work for a much longer required time than what is required. so how do you counter one such frustrating situation!? simple turn your attention on something else. keep a time alarm which is far beyond the time that he/she requires to give you the stuff and surf the net and read some useful links. pick up the news paper. also, the most important thing is keep a tally on the update. make your own personal flow chart for every assignment...with time and date and people featured at every juncture. this will give not just an explanation to the boss if something goes wrong but also a quick look at the current status of your work any time u want to have a look glance than open the file again and again. how can u do this at home!? again, at home there needs no explanation given to its a lil more easy. you can catch-up on one cup board at a time to clean and re-organise and by the time u finish all cup boards say there are 8 cupboards in all. the first one will be 8 days old to get a quick minding. or may be then u can start with one window a day to clean. watch an oscar winning movie, not necessarily a language u understand...but with a sub-titles...this will help u widen ur mind-sphere to different culture and ways of life, thats a good thing to do in a spare time plus it is entertainment. read a best-seller. listen to a karoake music while u sing the lyrics urself. join an instrumental music class. make an online photo album. write a daily blog. do some beauty packs for skin and hair. bake up something unusual but a delicacy. buy some fresh flowers and decorate the rooms. relish a chocolate. watch oprah. watch dr phill show. watch bbc. write to the editors of various newspapers u read at home n online. fix that broken ear-ring. clean up the shoes and shoe rack. fix the dysfunctional the fallen hem, broken button. clean up and throw the old clothes from ur wardrobe. u may also spend reading about new products n the supermarket while u spend some time at the counters there. also some retail therapy is fine ...but of a different kind like get some health and wellness thing into the house. read about different investment opportunities in the country u live in. talk to successful people and get leads to get ur investment bag started. tabulate and monitor daily expenses for a ready reckoner on ur bank balance any day. the more u can keep ur self engaged in anything the better u can do the engagement. it applies to everything from gossip to good work.

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