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Monday, 23 July 2007

gandhi and his grandson

who is gandhi and who the hell is his is worshipped all over the world for his peaceful revolution that freed india from the british raj while india was being ruled n ruined by foreigners for more than one and a half century of colonialism ...and his grandson...a-not-so-well known indian politician...his only claim to fame is being a parliamentarian and ofcourse being gandhi's grandson. i read this morning a toi news item on gandhi's grandson saying that mahatma gandhi wud hav stud for taliban!? i thought our frail lil man brought us freedom without picking up can he stand up for an osama anytime!!! rubbish!

the newspaper article said :

""Rajmohan Gandhi said that his grandfather would also have tried to organise "something dramatic", perhaps a mass fast, to show how unhappy most Muslims were that their religion was being linked to terrorism. ""

gandhi was himself a victim of a hindu harliner nathuram godse...from his life and death we know he never wanted religious controversies...he wud hav never stepped-in to solve issues between muslims...he infact let them hav their way when jinha asked for pakistan.

and the junior gandhi known for his 'india now' book on art, music and culinary delights of the country...has no right to hav made that statement to the national daily. he cud hav simply basked the media attention being another peaceful member in the gandhi blood-line... who likes art n music n a lil politics...and shud hav kept shut on current topics of global violence and islam extremism! ok...gandhi was his granddad. but gandhi is our bapu...father of the nation. how cud he draw a line between taliban and gandhi-ism. unbelievable. if gandhi wr alive we would have know it better. i really wonder why media pays attention to all this crap.

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