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Monday, 23 July 2007

bloge raho bollywood...good luck

u know what...its amazing to know that the bollywood actors have blogs to spell out what they feel abt anything...of all things its the best tool to get them heard for the several controversies that media brings to us everyday. again i am a lil biased here. like hairstyles and wardrobe the blogging idea too comes to them after hollywood big names adorned it. but its ok. a good idea is a good idea...dont hav to always invent the wheel to drive the lastest car rt!?

i would like to tell one thing abt bipasha basu and the like femme stars of the world. there r two types of audiences she has to keep in is the media-minded...who loves to hear all the sarcastic n juicy comments that media tells out...the other who wud criticise u for being famous...the kind who will tell u being a star is ur priority not our business and that "fame comes with a price" either ways ur fans / onlookers are divided...though u want to believe they are devoted to u or the world is full of good people. i think "a thing of beauty is a joy forever" thats wr u a good thing to look at. the people who look at u r not ur family...ur mom or dad to love u forever. so i think celebs should walk out of the bubble to feel the normalcy of life and b unperturbed by the many ways life and people get their wits to test. but i think if u wr a normal person u wud hav never been able to enjoy being a celeb. anyway good blogging attempt. welcome to the world of internet thinkers n writers. u will be read lady ;-)

tday i read john abraham, bipasha, amir khan...a blog each by each of them...among other stars listed by mid-day...who are regular bloggers.

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