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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

today's hot topic

ofcourse everyday there is some steamy topic. i am qt close to it by calling it steamy. this was on a resent marketing presentation that aimed at a total re-look at our design and product quality approach. the manager ended the session saying..."so all this will get u more bang for the buck"...applause! applause!
all of us left the presentation room. sun went down the concreate jungle. came out tday again from the opposite direction. and suddenly the topic was in the air..."so how did u find the presentation yesterday" asked a frnd. "o m g! it was disgusting to hear the last line...what did boss mean by is so gross she harped" our friend here wasnt aware of more such sick n slick business and pro management terms which mostly men lashout to outsmart the contemporaries and gain that extra bit of attention by going wild over vulgar connotations that r put across as a matter of fact and r mostly taken in good humour. like the usage 'orgasmic technology'...another one...."it was as wonderful as an instant orgasm"...yet another common one on a female team leader's powerful presentation "o she was in a frenzy like a bangkok slut"...and the kind is always there in and around board rooms and tea tables where big wigs hob nob for business. we creatives get v lil of the big bad world they represent or air out on mere chance...but are taken aback to ponder and wonder with an exclaimation on the 'so it is' tag lines everytime such a word / phrase is thrown over ur face. humble but not qt so.

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