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Monday, 4 June 2007

sushi is not enuff

the itch is so strong since last two days were really busy in all terms. at home and at work. and then there is no time in between. even at the gym...eyes trip to the clock faster than my legs at work on the treadmill to guess a glimpse of the long and short of it...yes guess becos i don wear glasses while working out, it slips of ur sweaty to keep a track of how much i can give to the muscle fat-balance as my trainer red wishes. yes red is his name...he is v pink is health n is bright with he truly deserves the name. so it has been crazy. and the itch prevails larger than it is generally as in between all the busy schedules that muddle me...a few important developments have come to shape. cherry is coming home after 7 years. she is 14. i will miss her. thats is the first one. second is that i am able to juggle home n office at the expense of a lil rough edge on deepak. but he is a gem as i hav pronounced earlier but u know how it is when u expect...there is no end. we stumble and fall and then pause while still on the mad rush...the wildest one that one can ever get into. i call it wild cos it is the concrete jungle were cat like species armed in digital arrogance struts past every normal thing with whiff or snooty air that smells of pretence...they are reeling in it. and hence it is pretence. but the game is fair. as u too get a chance to be ur pretence best and strut around in arrogance of ur fullest choice. no i am not talking of life in dubai...but life in general as the new age takes strides to picture perfect life and beyond. we want a taste of everything. no sushi is not enuff.

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