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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

poor veronica

thats yet another nickname i got ...ofcourse another of those that i did not desire in the campus. sometimes, most of the times, it is a misunderstanding that gets you a reputation. and that which u get in college doesn go even if u change your passport. a friend of mine had a nice looking girl friend, my junior. i always felt they made a good pair. my frnd shared his dreams of spending his life with his girl. i named their kids also...borrowing hints from their first names. life was v fine. until oneaday this lady stopped talking to him. i enquired obviously as my friend had suddenly sprouted a 'devadas' beard over the weekend and was looking even more shabby with his untrimmed mane, which now covered his ears like it did in the 70's...remember jitendra and amitabh era of white bell bottoms...well my frnd was v far from amitabh or jitendra in the glamour factor but was in pain...childish but qt serious as he mentioned then. i was trying to help him by playing the swan. but his girl had now transformed to a snake,,,slippery and venomous. she was literaly hissing when i tried to talk to her. and blamed me bluntly for something that happened between them. o m g!? what did i do now i thought. she also puked out a dialogue...qt an interesting one "you are the veronica in my life"...i guess she wud hav made a rocking career in scripting. but that was the end of her. i donno what happened to my frnd and his love interest there after. sometimes u get stung to learn to keep out. i learnt it that way...and hav always never ever tried to fix things between people in love...or who wr once in love. its an art to deal with the matters of heart ...which poor veronica din hav, i realise. thank you friends for opening my eyes.

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