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Monday, 4 June 2007

ode to a gossip monger

thats an interesting topic...i can go on and on and on...someone said gossip is healthy...then no wonder why i see everyone around gleefully healthy here. well this is specifically targeted at a female whom i hang around with, with whom i get along with, but is a big time tongue troubler...yes she might make u puke out something which u wud otherwise in your sane self keep out of. she is contagious, she a phenomenon and she wears me out fully....not just because i find her edgy but i mostly feel like giving her a tight one on her butt. but...u know how it is when u cant do u it. u feel miserable and sorry for yourself as mostof the time u r caught in the clutches so badly that even if u want to crawl out u wont b spared. she is such a mind and energy drain that i can least put in words here. she can jump sides from aunt agony to chirpy teem loafer to health freak to fad fashionista to name it anything under the sun...she will have an opinion to spill...which she makes sure gets heard no matter what. if people ignore her she will break into fits of laughter or hum a tune that can distract and attract as much attention as she seeks. i hav a wild thought for my dear friend...i really wish good luck to her psychiatrist and her family who is still bearing with the witch in her. i love being with her for just one reason that she reminds me what all one should not say... and do while engaged ina conversation. thanks my frnd... kabira tu dost hoke aisa sacha roop dikhata hai ki aisa aine mein dekhne se mooh mukarta hai. wah! wah!

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