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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

mrs iyer

she was a rolly polly good humored lady, who was my land lady's daughter in law. this was when i was in mumbai. she was like my elder sister, very caring. we used to share sms jokes and would catchup on phone during wee hrs...when i had an evening shift and as she was in a call centre that worked as per US working hrs. her husband was a lazybum. who had malluvian thoughts to support his claims on why he never stuck to a job. he used talk a lot. he thought he was a charmer and literally, like in hindi we say, was a true chipko. he would start his chipko movement anywr with anyone whom he could talk to...while he waited for his wife to come home and make his next meal. the iyer lady was married to this mallu man who had absolutely no qualms abt his ways. i used to wonder who is a bigger fool among them...the iyer lady or the mallu guy...definitely the mallu cannot b a fool as he bears the popular image of straight, sour and healthy like the jalebi (read me wrong here) fella. but as the saying goes even the iyers hold qt a senior post among those in india, considered intelligent by birth. u know what i mean rt?

from house loans to vegetable shops this lady had to run around as her very busy husband could not afford to waste his time on such regular jobs that anyway wr designated by default to the women. and the loan and bank rounds? yes that was on hr name, as she was the earning member who has an active salary! also...women cud get these jobs done better than men in the corporate world rt!!!!?

these two would drop in to say hi to my land lady and sometimes chat up anyone else under the chipko effect. and hence i got as many things to put it in here. once when the land lady had to go out of station she let the house to be completely manned by me. there wr two other girls also sharing the same two room apartment. but i was the chosen i still had those wild hours of wrking for a tv station that i ended up spending day time at home. so i was incharge...of gas, water, electricity and what not. even laxmi our maid.

then in one of those weekends these two dropped in and i cooked a meal for them. i had no family in mumbai as i saw them not less than someone close enough. from the kitchen to the dining area there a few steps to count. while i shifted food and plated to the dining area i noticed that all the rooms had lights and fans on. plus the tv when no one was watching it. i went and switched them all off...diligently like how my land lady wud hav done. i was incharge rt. and so i came back to business of being the good host. then again after a while i realized all the switches wr on. i just told myself aloud "aunty will kill me when she comes back for all this wastage" and then continued switching one gadget after the other.

when i came bk to the dining table mrs iyer was not in a good mood. lunch was brief. the chipko chatoed off my head for my attitude towards them. they apparently got me wrong completely. while i was obeying my landlady i seem to have rubbed them off the wrong way. he said "we r a family and how dare you tell that to my wife...she is the daughter of this house". this jolted me out of my slumber. i had forgotten that mallus out of kerala also retain their ability to blame. they just need any excuse and about anyone. i did not utter a word and kept to myself...and also said sorry to mrs iyer who had now retired to the bed room. she was also apologetic. we solved it between us. the moral of the incident is that never make friends with fools. you never know what hurts them and why they wud drag u into a situation u don deserve.

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