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Saturday, 23 June 2007

if sushi din smell

last week we threw a surprise bday lunch party for our manager. she loves cooking, so we gifted a le creseut cast iron wok and skillet set. and she loves sushi, so was it ordered. the sushi came last. we started with our garlic breads, after common concensus that they wr getting cold. then we filled our glasses with coke and still the main dish of the event had not arrived. all of us wr hungry as the pizzas smelled so good. pepperoni pizza was the star of all pizzas for a simple reason that there was just one of it there. "o had i known there would be more takers i would have ordered for more" squeaked a colleague whose favourite it was.

now there were two cakes. and all those who finished the pizzas wr all eyes at the dessert. the sushi had to come still. all of us took turns in ordering a pizzerian starter to those who wr waiting for suzhi. but in vain. their determination was stronger than ours.

aah! finaly it came. packed in curious big lunch boxes with chopsticks et all. all of them wr skilled chopstickers. so they managed to pull of the show well. BUT...the sushi as u know what it is. (In Japanese cuisine, sushi (??, sushi?) is a food made of vinegared rice combined with seafood. Most, but not all, fish used in sushi is un-cooked, but other ingredients may be cooked, smoked, blanched, sauteed, or marinated.

a slight whiff in the air when the boxes where opened...and...i travelled through the memory lane back in kurla station where fisherwomen sqabbled to get on to the train and sit down with their smelly baskets. thank god i had digged into my dessert long back. or else the kurla women would have started dancing and i would have fallen off on to the platform.

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