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Sunday, 10 June 2007

gone with the wind

it din rain not even drizzle...thats how dubaiets paid attention to ghonu- the cyclone that hit oman and washed away 70...well we all live in irony but ghonu just reminded me how facts are actually stranger than fiction, once again. another man's tragedy is our news. and we are so damn sure we will never b in picture. arrogance rulz for ever. once or twice if we wr hit by a sad moment we feel grounded and touch ground for all and every reason...again as time heals the bruises we rise up and reach there where the bloated ego keeps us afloat. like my mom puts it..."we forget that we are only ashus (dustlings) and that everything we see or cherish are maya...those will go once their time expires, so nothing should or will grip us forever," she says so as she thinks she has crossed the age to b bedazzled by relashionships, love, fear and anger...and that all of us will graduate to the truth of life and the needless anxiety that keeps each of us doing what we do everyday. i wish i come closer to that logic she spells out. i am sure i will but tday i wonder and cant really come to terms with death, pain and stress. yesterday another v moving thing i saw on tv was in the oprah show where a lady had undergone 26 surgeries and was barely she was just not happy abt the way she looked. at the end of the episode which was dedicated on unveiling the obsession or addiction with perfcetion, oprah addresses america to wake up to the truth that they must look inside to feel what they actually r and not the mirrors. i wish bush was listening.

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