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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

crater in the purse

i came across this usage yesterday when my sis was talking abt the no good that her mnc job was doing even after her struggles to make it to to the top-most that anyone her age cud scale. another time my sis in law, who serves a fairly good profile in the software industry in india..., too mentioned what a drain it was in her balance if she had to travel by air to her beau who at a state's stretch...i was trying and explaining my sis who wanted some serious advice on money management. she is young and still receptive than most hot bloods. and hence here are some lines from our email converstaion:

simi: You know Akka-its sm times frustrating I still
find myself sustaining on a shoe-string budget, hunting for low cost
fares tht fly during ghost hours. Anyway my purse is gonna have a big
crater by the end of the trip. I just don ustand akka - the moment I
think of saving sm bucks;expenditures will flow from all sides.I need
your advise - hw much money shud I carry to kerala? I am gna book airdeccan
late nite fares both ways - ttl is 7k + 1 k fr car.As flight will land
at 11:30. hw much money shud I earmark and take.The moment is like that
of once in a life time - however money rules.

Pls let me have your insight.

babluvian thought: remember one matter how much u earn, no matter how much u is to spend when the need be. u r lucky u can stiff afford to spend. imagine abt someone who is broke in the real one to turn to and all that. tday u can b glad that the crater will finally help u make a flying visit for an unprecedented call like that from home. trro it will b something else. u must thank god u can atleast see the crater - it is only symbolic of ur ability to afford...craters will come n go. but what needs to be made a habit is to fill (keep filling) the crater and let the depth seem lesser, so that u can keep meeting ur needs / duties. 3yrs is no big deal. come 30 more and u will just say 'money rulz'...thats the way life is.

everything depends on what u hav, money rulz behen. but there is also someone called god...and i hav faith in him to fix things beyond my reach. and i hope things will fall in place as time arrives. 'samay se pehle aur kismat se jyada kuch nahi milega...par jo milna hai woh milke rahega aur jo jana hai jake' chill out.

if u really want some coin to coin advice...make a budget and try and stick to it. don worry, gir girke hi aadmi khada hota hai...u will soon find the balance.

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