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Sunday, 24 June 2007

cheeni kum

a good movie. refreshingly not over done the drama though i expected amitabh to do that. actually we like tabu so much that we r willing to overlook her flaws. anyway i liked the little kid not for her act but for the wise word she was asked to puke out at different occasions. i completely loved zohra sehgal...especially when she broke into 'kutub ka jaado chal gaya' a poetry inpromptu when her graying son got his love life as he manages to stretch back and touch the ashoka pillar...and like magic his life's puzzle is solved for good.

cheeni kum also reminds me of a friend in mumbai, who gifted me his two lhasapso puppies when i was leaving mumbai. he is a senior journalist... and a divorcee. and last week i heard this news that he has got married again. i am delighted life can begin anytime you want to let it begin. actually u can savour all the cheeni and more u long as u watch what u eat ;-)...especially after an age...we dont want to run out of insulin rt!?

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