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Sunday, 10 June 2007

charity on sale

yes i received this amazing mail from our hr department where a raffle was thrown open for a one nt stay at 5star hotel and anyone cud enroll for the raffle by buying 1,2 or 3 tickets worth 30dhs. the money would go to a charity organisation supporting needy children and someone has voted to part with a complementary offer to stay at the 5star beach resort. "if i really want to do charity i wud do that," said a colleague..."ya instead of wanting to stay in a hotel and feel bad if my luck doesn shine bright on the raffle day," added another one. deepak will anyway get just friday so what is the point, so i too didn budge. so when charity is put up on sale our mind really is off from charity and are anticipating so many other things which practically is far far away from the thought of helping someone in need. but it is strange that we live in a world that is actually qt far from the cries of the world. especially in dubai when life moves from ac chambers to stocks of toilet rolls for tomorrow...u can imagine how close actually we r to charity.

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