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Sunday, 24 June 2007

cheeni kum

a good movie. refreshingly not over done the drama though i expected amitabh to do that. actually we like tabu so much that we r willing to overlook her flaws. anyway i liked the little kid not for her act but for the wise word she was asked to puke out at different occasions. i completely loved zohra sehgal...especially when she broke into 'kutub ka jaado chal gaya' a poetry inpromptu when her graying son got his love life as he manages to stretch back and touch the ashoka pillar...and like magic his life's puzzle is solved for good.

cheeni kum also reminds me of a friend in mumbai, who gifted me his two lhasapso puppies when i was leaving mumbai. he is a senior journalist... and a divorcee. and last week i heard this news that he has got married again. i am delighted life can begin anytime you want to let it begin. actually u can savour all the cheeni and more u long as u watch what u eat ;-)...especially after an age...we dont want to run out of insulin rt!?

Saturday, 23 June 2007

if sushi din smell

last week we threw a surprise bday lunch party for our manager. she loves cooking, so we gifted a le creseut cast iron wok and skillet set. and she loves sushi, so was it ordered. the sushi came last. we started with our garlic breads, after common concensus that they wr getting cold. then we filled our glasses with coke and still the main dish of the event had not arrived. all of us wr hungry as the pizzas smelled so good. pepperoni pizza was the star of all pizzas for a simple reason that there was just one of it there. "o had i known there would be more takers i would have ordered for more" squeaked a colleague whose favourite it was.

now there were two cakes. and all those who finished the pizzas wr all eyes at the dessert. the sushi had to come still. all of us took turns in ordering a pizzerian starter to those who wr waiting for suzhi. but in vain. their determination was stronger than ours.

aah! finaly it came. packed in curious big lunch boxes with chopsticks et all. all of them wr skilled chopstickers. so they managed to pull of the show well. BUT...the sushi as u know what it is. (In Japanese cuisine, sushi (??, sushi?) is a food made of vinegared rice combined with seafood. Most, but not all, fish used in sushi is un-cooked, but other ingredients may be cooked, smoked, blanched, sauteed, or marinated.

a slight whiff in the air when the boxes where opened...and...i travelled through the memory lane back in kurla station where fisherwomen sqabbled to get on to the train and sit down with their smelly baskets. thank god i had digged into my dessert long back. or else the kurla women would have started dancing and i would have fallen off on to the platform.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

gone with the wind

it din rain not even drizzle...thats how dubaiets paid attention to ghonu- the cyclone that hit oman and washed away 70...well we all live in irony but ghonu just reminded me how facts are actually stranger than fiction, once again. another man's tragedy is our news. and we are so damn sure we will never b in picture. arrogance rulz for ever. once or twice if we wr hit by a sad moment we feel grounded and touch ground for all and every reason...again as time heals the bruises we rise up and reach there where the bloated ego keeps us afloat. like my mom puts it..."we forget that we are only ashus (dustlings) and that everything we see or cherish are maya...those will go once their time expires, so nothing should or will grip us forever," she says so as she thinks she has crossed the age to b bedazzled by relashionships, love, fear and anger...and that all of us will graduate to the truth of life and the needless anxiety that keeps each of us doing what we do everyday. i wish i come closer to that logic she spells out. i am sure i will but tday i wonder and cant really come to terms with death, pain and stress. yesterday another v moving thing i saw on tv was in the oprah show where a lady had undergone 26 surgeries and was barely she was just not happy abt the way she looked. at the end of the episode which was dedicated on unveiling the obsession or addiction with perfcetion, oprah addresses america to wake up to the truth that they must look inside to feel what they actually r and not the mirrors. i wish bush was listening.

charity on sale

yes i received this amazing mail from our hr department where a raffle was thrown open for a one nt stay at 5star hotel and anyone cud enroll for the raffle by buying 1,2 or 3 tickets worth 30dhs. the money would go to a charity organisation supporting needy children and someone has voted to part with a complementary offer to stay at the 5star beach resort. "if i really want to do charity i wud do that," said a colleague..."ya instead of wanting to stay in a hotel and feel bad if my luck doesn shine bright on the raffle day," added another one. deepak will anyway get just friday so what is the point, so i too didn budge. so when charity is put up on sale our mind really is off from charity and are anticipating so many other things which practically is far far away from the thought of helping someone in need. but it is strange that we live in a world that is actually qt far from the cries of the world. especially in dubai when life moves from ac chambers to stocks of toilet rolls for tomorrow...u can imagine how close actually we r to charity.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

today's hot topic

ofcourse everyday there is some steamy topic. i am qt close to it by calling it steamy. this was on a resent marketing presentation that aimed at a total re-look at our design and product quality approach. the manager ended the session saying..."so all this will get u more bang for the buck"...applause! applause!
all of us left the presentation room. sun went down the concreate jungle. came out tday again from the opposite direction. and suddenly the topic was in the air..."so how did u find the presentation yesterday" asked a frnd. "o m g! it was disgusting to hear the last line...what did boss mean by is so gross she harped" our friend here wasnt aware of more such sick n slick business and pro management terms which mostly men lashout to outsmart the contemporaries and gain that extra bit of attention by going wild over vulgar connotations that r put across as a matter of fact and r mostly taken in good humour. like the usage 'orgasmic technology'...another one...."it was as wonderful as an instant orgasm"...yet another common one on a female team leader's powerful presentation "o she was in a frenzy like a bangkok slut"...and the kind is always there in and around board rooms and tea tables where big wigs hob nob for business. we creatives get v lil of the big bad world they represent or air out on mere chance...but are taken aback to ponder and wonder with an exclaimation on the 'so it is' tag lines everytime such a word / phrase is thrown over ur face. humble but not qt so.

mrs iyer

she was a rolly polly good humored lady, who was my land lady's daughter in law. this was when i was in mumbai. she was like my elder sister, very caring. we used to share sms jokes and would catchup on phone during wee hrs...when i had an evening shift and as she was in a call centre that worked as per US working hrs. her husband was a lazybum. who had malluvian thoughts to support his claims on why he never stuck to a job. he used talk a lot. he thought he was a charmer and literally, like in hindi we say, was a true chipko. he would start his chipko movement anywr with anyone whom he could talk to...while he waited for his wife to come home and make his next meal. the iyer lady was married to this mallu man who had absolutely no qualms abt his ways. i used to wonder who is a bigger fool among them...the iyer lady or the mallu guy...definitely the mallu cannot b a fool as he bears the popular image of straight, sour and healthy like the jalebi (read me wrong here) fella. but as the saying goes even the iyers hold qt a senior post among those in india, considered intelligent by birth. u know what i mean rt?

from house loans to vegetable shops this lady had to run around as her very busy husband could not afford to waste his time on such regular jobs that anyway wr designated by default to the women. and the loan and bank rounds? yes that was on hr name, as she was the earning member who has an active salary! also...women cud get these jobs done better than men in the corporate world rt!!!!?

these two would drop in to say hi to my land lady and sometimes chat up anyone else under the chipko effect. and hence i got as many things to put it in here. once when the land lady had to go out of station she let the house to be completely manned by me. there wr two other girls also sharing the same two room apartment. but i was the chosen i still had those wild hours of wrking for a tv station that i ended up spending day time at home. so i was incharge...of gas, water, electricity and what not. even laxmi our maid.

then in one of those weekends these two dropped in and i cooked a meal for them. i had no family in mumbai as i saw them not less than someone close enough. from the kitchen to the dining area there a few steps to count. while i shifted food and plated to the dining area i noticed that all the rooms had lights and fans on. plus the tv when no one was watching it. i went and switched them all off...diligently like how my land lady wud hav done. i was incharge rt. and so i came back to business of being the good host. then again after a while i realized all the switches wr on. i just told myself aloud "aunty will kill me when she comes back for all this wastage" and then continued switching one gadget after the other.

when i came bk to the dining table mrs iyer was not in a good mood. lunch was brief. the chipko chatoed off my head for my attitude towards them. they apparently got me wrong completely. while i was obeying my landlady i seem to have rubbed them off the wrong way. he said "we r a family and how dare you tell that to my wife...she is the daughter of this house". this jolted me out of my slumber. i had forgotten that mallus out of kerala also retain their ability to blame. they just need any excuse and about anyone. i did not utter a word and kept to myself...and also said sorry to mrs iyer who had now retired to the bed room. she was also apologetic. we solved it between us. the moral of the incident is that never make friends with fools. you never know what hurts them and why they wud drag u into a situation u don deserve.

poor veronica

thats yet another nickname i got ...ofcourse another of those that i did not desire in the campus. sometimes, most of the times, it is a misunderstanding that gets you a reputation. and that which u get in college doesn go even if u change your passport. a friend of mine had a nice looking girl friend, my junior. i always felt they made a good pair. my frnd shared his dreams of spending his life with his girl. i named their kids also...borrowing hints from their first names. life was v fine. until oneaday this lady stopped talking to him. i enquired obviously as my friend had suddenly sprouted a 'devadas' beard over the weekend and was looking even more shabby with his untrimmed mane, which now covered his ears like it did in the 70's...remember jitendra and amitabh era of white bell bottoms...well my frnd was v far from amitabh or jitendra in the glamour factor but was in pain...childish but qt serious as he mentioned then. i was trying to help him by playing the swan. but his girl had now transformed to a snake,,,slippery and venomous. she was literaly hissing when i tried to talk to her. and blamed me bluntly for something that happened between them. o m g!? what did i do now i thought. she also puked out a dialogue...qt an interesting one "you are the veronica in my life"...i guess she wud hav made a rocking career in scripting. but that was the end of her. i donno what happened to my frnd and his love interest there after. sometimes u get stung to learn to keep out. i learnt it that way...and hav always never ever tried to fix things between people in love...or who wr once in love. its an art to deal with the matters of heart ...which poor veronica din hav, i realise. thank you friends for opening my eyes.

crater in the purse

i came across this usage yesterday when my sis was talking abt the no good that her mnc job was doing even after her struggles to make it to to the top-most that anyone her age cud scale. another time my sis in law, who serves a fairly good profile in the software industry in india..., too mentioned what a drain it was in her balance if she had to travel by air to her beau who at a state's stretch...i was trying and explaining my sis who wanted some serious advice on money management. she is young and still receptive than most hot bloods. and hence here are some lines from our email converstaion:

simi: You know Akka-its sm times frustrating I still
find myself sustaining on a shoe-string budget, hunting for low cost
fares tht fly during ghost hours. Anyway my purse is gonna have a big
crater by the end of the trip. I just don ustand akka - the moment I
think of saving sm bucks;expenditures will flow from all sides.I need
your advise - hw much money shud I carry to kerala? I am gna book airdeccan
late nite fares both ways - ttl is 7k + 1 k fr car.As flight will land
at 11:30. hw much money shud I earmark and take.The moment is like that
of once in a life time - however money rules.

Pls let me have your insight.

babluvian thought: remember one matter how much u earn, no matter how much u is to spend when the need be. u r lucky u can stiff afford to spend. imagine abt someone who is broke in the real one to turn to and all that. tday u can b glad that the crater will finally help u make a flying visit for an unprecedented call like that from home. trro it will b something else. u must thank god u can atleast see the crater - it is only symbolic of ur ability to afford...craters will come n go. but what needs to be made a habit is to fill (keep filling) the crater and let the depth seem lesser, so that u can keep meeting ur needs / duties. 3yrs is no big deal. come 30 more and u will just say 'money rulz'...thats the way life is.

everything depends on what u hav, money rulz behen. but there is also someone called god...and i hav faith in him to fix things beyond my reach. and i hope things will fall in place as time arrives. 'samay se pehle aur kismat se jyada kuch nahi milega...par jo milna hai woh milke rahega aur jo jana hai jake' chill out.

if u really want some coin to coin advice...make a budget and try and stick to it. don worry, gir girke hi aadmi khada hota hai...u will soon find the balance.

its not ever as yet

when the itch is stronger u dig deep. to spill it all. i remember i had a pen of my classmates during college days with whom i shared a lot of thoughts on 'blankness'...thoughts that went ambling from one corner to no corner...we used to mail eachother during annual leaves. my letter would weigh 150 gms and hers wud weigh almost same...but she used to write more as her handwriting had less leading space (leading is a typical terminology used by editors who curn the space between words to fit a document into the page plan). and she had wilder she once kept me thinking on what wud be there is there was no planet no space...and what was there beyond it. o m g! i thought and thought and reached no wr as usual...but it was qt a winding thought. it exhausted or refreshed me like after a roller coaster ride or appu columbus ride rather. i used to call her sanki (short form for sangeeta or literally in hindi it means the mad one). she as my soul soup finder...for qt some time. i thought she wud still be thoughtful...until she popped in a funny question just after my marriage "when r u planning to have babies"...o m g! i couldn believe marital bliss cause so much damage to she was married and 'settled' (read it and understand it like the regular indian in terms of household chores and domesticity that brings women closer to kitchen than career). i wasn aware of her for sometime i guess as our lifes took us on different oaths after college. but she is still v dear to me. though i have let distance creep between us for teh better of the two...the two of us and the other two we have in our lives now (in her case 2 and a half as she has a lil one) and let her be in the paradise that she describes she best fits in. i am happy for her and we r frnds who grew apart but are grown ups in our own findings abt life. our worlds do not think the way we used to once upon a time. the bottom line is we r happy anyways....and the gap doesn really exist as much as i remember last time we caught up...we caught up on something absolutely new and fresh and not like nostalgic old best pals wood generally do with lingering good old memories. and still the conversation was worth the while.

Monday, 4 June 2007

ode to a gossip monger

thats an interesting topic...i can go on and on and on...someone said gossip is healthy...then no wonder why i see everyone around gleefully healthy here. well this is specifically targeted at a female whom i hang around with, with whom i get along with, but is a big time tongue troubler...yes she might make u puke out something which u wud otherwise in your sane self keep out of. she is contagious, she a phenomenon and she wears me out fully....not just because i find her edgy but i mostly feel like giving her a tight one on her butt. but...u know how it is when u cant do u it. u feel miserable and sorry for yourself as mostof the time u r caught in the clutches so badly that even if u want to crawl out u wont b spared. she is such a mind and energy drain that i can least put in words here. she can jump sides from aunt agony to chirpy teem loafer to health freak to fad fashionista to name it anything under the sun...she will have an opinion to spill...which she makes sure gets heard no matter what. if people ignore her she will break into fits of laughter or hum a tune that can distract and attract as much attention as she seeks. i hav a wild thought for my dear friend...i really wish good luck to her psychiatrist and her family who is still bearing with the witch in her. i love being with her for just one reason that she reminds me what all one should not say... and do while engaged ina conversation. thanks my frnd... kabira tu dost hoke aisa sacha roop dikhata hai ki aisa aine mein dekhne se mooh mukarta hai. wah! wah!

sushi is not enuff

the itch is so strong since last two days were really busy in all terms. at home and at work. and then there is no time in between. even at the gym...eyes trip to the clock faster than my legs at work on the treadmill to guess a glimpse of the long and short of it...yes guess becos i don wear glasses while working out, it slips of ur sweaty to keep a track of how much i can give to the muscle fat-balance as my trainer red wishes. yes red is his name...he is v pink is health n is bright with he truly deserves the name. so it has been crazy. and the itch prevails larger than it is generally as in between all the busy schedules that muddle me...a few important developments have come to shape. cherry is coming home after 7 years. she is 14. i will miss her. thats is the first one. second is that i am able to juggle home n office at the expense of a lil rough edge on deepak. but he is a gem as i hav pronounced earlier but u know how it is when u expect...there is no end. we stumble and fall and then pause while still on the mad rush...the wildest one that one can ever get into. i call it wild cos it is the concrete jungle were cat like species armed in digital arrogance struts past every normal thing with whiff or snooty air that smells of pretence...they are reeling in it. and hence it is pretence. but the game is fair. as u too get a chance to be ur pretence best and strut around in arrogance of ur fullest choice. no i am not talking of life in dubai...but life in general as the new age takes strides to picture perfect life and beyond. we want a taste of everything. no sushi is not enuff.