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Friday, 4 May 2007

when life turns around

sometimes u have these 'enemies' who will go to any extend to harm you. most of them r wicked by nature. u cant help being nice to them...but u will be in a forced situation where you have to be nice. no matter what. then what happens. one fine day they drop the bomb(s) and u r out. the wicked intentions come true with the case that was well-built in the past from the differennt follies...situtaions that cud trap u. yes i am talking of office politics. it is a never ending story. each of us have come across something or the other in our careers...or are under-going one such situation rt now. no one is new to this age old topic. but as a 'blogittarian' it helps me release some steam...n it helps me feel better as i chip in a few words to no where.u know what, with me things hav turned around. a few people tried getting me out of sinc but their intentions din get heard. obviosly becos it was wicked. then what happened? life turnd around. and i am so happy that the political theories come to a cool close. i am relishing every second of my life. touch wood. i mean it from the bottom of my heart. i love u god!

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