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Thursday, 31 May 2007

victoria beckem

that anorexic looking spice girl who clings to the very handsome english foot ball star. yes, she has been popping up in a lot of conversations recently in my mid-meal brks that i share with my girl colleagues in office. non of them approve of her. like oprah or rachael ray or tyra banks...who are all for the curvy/normal women to other mindful things that they suggest women are capable of. as most of us know - dubai is the land of the fatty acid ;-)...yes u cant help but gain some extra flab (people say ur wt gain dirctly proportional to ur bank balance...i wish that was true...anyway) no matter how genetically thin u r, u gain it here. and most of the topic that women discuss here move around their waistlines and clothe sizes. somebody was recently telling me that it is the water. she swore by it and said that its is the high sodium content in the water that makes one bloat here. or is it the chicken...or the chicken life style...or the potatoes or the couch potato lifestyle? guessing never stop and girls don keep shut for all you know...and not. i thought under the abaya (the long black dress worn by arab muslim women) life was so much figure conciousless...but i was proved wrong at the ladies room. band gobhi ke andar se phool gobhi my freind prashant sharma puts it. yes...halter tops and trendy jeans all under the black lock! so now i know why waitloss institutions have a sprawling future in the uae. everyone wants to be a victoria beckhem. i personally feel skinny women are scary. not just in looks but also in their mood swings...that might erupt scary mental sightings out of carbohydrate deficient diet. yes sugarless food can make u ugly by behaviour too. its all proven by the sciences...i don want to spill something which can be googled and learnt by those who want to. mbc 4 has a new series called the extreme celebrity 00 (double zero size). there is another popular term in the arab world that calls a few dump people the same "he is not even a zero...he is double zero, meaning that dumb" well that fits this situation also i feel. if u have the mind u will never go overboard on this silly aspect so much. it is amazing how much people in the glam world can do to get in and stay there in the lime light. i pity their bodies. that not just undergo regular self criticism but also get caught by the tabloid media and the doctor's knife. they slice it all in perfect forms so that the hour glass doesnt go one size this or that side. mothers in hollywood have kind of inspired women all over the wold to get thinner and thinner...until they disappear in the wretched goings of their lives. in one of our gossip sessions...a frnd just told how much victoria undergoes to keep her secret out in the open. she updates that apparently she sits tight on floor and folds her legs, holds them close to her body and weeps when she is hungry!!! how gross does that sound. tormenting urself to look like whatever u define like it is to be 'good looking' . horrorrible i wud like to announce the trend!

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