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Friday, 4 May 2007

unwanted socialism

hey i am not an extrovert!? or am i?hav never been able to figure out this. but i am qt happy the way i am. sometimes though, it is tough, an image can always be a star sign claims that i am an outgoing person. that iam...i love going out. meeting people. getting attention. but i hav reservations. well that somehow squeezes me into the larger genre of introverts...who have som any other complications in life.i clearly feel that ia m not an introvert either.what am i!?i though as much and more even bfore i turned 18...i wanted to write a book. not on myself...but on the findings i cherish as absolutely my own...from my life...u know simple observations.but it was amma who said. wait till u r 40!...40!? thats still so far. but i found some stupid reason to hold back my creative juices. i am lucky i did. i didn want criticm and disection of everything taht i penned down. it wud hav shattered my peace of mind...pace in career...every wr. especially because i see socialising as a need of mere existence...not that i don have true friends...but sometimes u have to talk just to get heard...

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