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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

name sore

I dont know if that phrase / usage exists. anyway, donno y I still have this girl in my mind, who was the bubbliest of all whom I knew...until I realised that she was as much miserable as much as she appeared to be gleefully halo-ed. now I dont want to name her. she was one of my hostel mates. who bore her uncle's wild oats for 22days and got rid of the growing bump on her belly with some doctor's help. I am sure anyone would find this story moving as well as gross. moving because this lil girl was barely 17 and gross because this man was her own uncle (mom's sister's husband) in his middle ages. I knew her uncle. well rounded guy in his 40s. I wud mumble to myself 'bloody naughty 40 F****** fat A**' whenever I caught a glimpse of him while running through the stairs to catch the 402 DTC that took me to CP. he had dreamy (drunk) eyes with a very voyeuristic twinkle....yes he used to scan girls as they wud pass by him, while he waited diligently for his niece urf keep!. he was fair, had pink lips. not as pink as sushant's my pg class (sushant had the pinkest-orangy lips...may b bcos he drank a lot of fanta!...he wud blush everytime i made fun of his girl like pout). ok now let me get back to the other man... he must have been on pan n beeda to keep his lips coloured or to get that kick which raw tobacco gave...he was that kind. and kind enuff to mind wash our lady into all that she did not deserve. the story is more winding than i would want to describe here. but the moral remains un-moral. and that relationships of the wildest order do exist everywr...not just on dr phill's shows. i dont know what happened to her or the goings. as i left for new hostel and conveniently forgot abt her for a while...and did not get any updates from common friends. or may be i did not bother to find out also. cant justify my deeds as i was engaged in a race to make my career and everything stood secondary or nil then. i hope she has grown up and grown out of the sour / sore experiences and is happy with a good job and a nice partner. I wish her love.

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