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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

manjunath kamath

that was the weirdest name i thought i heard of someone whom i knew. this one was called by his of my oldest kind of lost track with him. was a grt artist. now must hav got his own sprawling business smwr in the delhi suburbs. kamath became a house hold name when i was in mumbai for a couple of years. u get manglorean delicacies there...and i kind of developed a taste for the sambar that had jagerry in it. but when i actually visited udupi and mangalore later, i realised what a con kamath was...i mean the restraunt where mumbaikars gathered to savour mangalorean delicacies. at karkala i tasted some out of the world authentic mangalorean stuff. they have something called a it like a mallu calls a bun (benn) wasnt baked but deep fried. was sweet but not as sweet as a sweet dish and was served with piping hot watery sambar...a grt treat to start to day. kamath and manjunath wr names found all across the region...from karakala to udupi to padbidri to mangalore...i must have seen atleast a dozen of them...on bus boards to tea stalls that dotted all across the highway. now manjunath or kamath wr not as strange as i thought they were to be called. by the wat manjunath is hindu deity lord shiva as well. actually tday what we call weird might become a household thing trrow...u never know. i feel bad for the guy who was called psycho and was hanged when he said people can talk over a distance or that man could fly. how gullible do we get when it is to just air our thoughts that we think are weird when they might actually hold something beneath...that we din know at that point.

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