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Saturday, 19 May 2007

its the itch again

well i am no longer waiting for deepu's i know exactly when he must and must not call and we have found a routine over the lastone year of marriage. but the itch is as always to do something creative...which will transport me to a world were i think i belong. do i belong there!? no let me not let interruptions interrupt.

so the itch is rt now to write something. its more than a week and especially when i have done not much mailing and chatting my finger tips sprawl around to spill it all out. yes...what!? no i dont know. i am still finding. i told u. its just an itch.

tday in the et's web edition i just came acrosss the restless new generation which is fed by google like time chalance. to get a hang on everything possible. the fashionable tday is not just good looking or smart...but someone who can pronounce 'parkour' properly. i know u are just itched enuff to google for that word ;-)

life is full of itches but the best part is that there are no swelling or reddness...all pain. my random thoughts travel all around to itchy and not so itchy corners...posessed by one word, a drama, that unfolds when i am with my partner...the keyboard, who is as dear as deepu. infact i have deepu because of the key board. we wr chat friends first. thats how itch all began.

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