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Friday, 4 May 2007

eye contact

"that is why i dont make eye contact with any men here," sweared a collegue who was in utter disgust after another revealed some office gossip. apparently she belived, like a lot of indians, that 'indian servitude has colonial roots' and that the way people behaved even tday has something to reflect from the past. well it sounded true to me. or else why would asians be happy to associate with the white skinned cold westerners. if u r genuine buddies it was understandable...but talking just to make a connection is silly, right?so the eye contact means a lot more than just connecting or ackowledging the other person's presence. here we were talking about why asian women over do it - with men of the whiter race. "they feel happy with the very thought that they are liked". well that was too much me to take. i defended with whatever i got. but i stood no chance to win the debate as truely there we examples around who cud let down my mere or outdated citings.

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