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Friday, 4 May 2007


that was a painful word for me to deal all this while. cos of witnessing close relations and blood-lines fade off with poor management or pr skills.

tday i feel liberated all of a sudden though i hav almost estranged someone i thought was really close.

the day did not start off on a grt note. i made an angry call early this morning. definitely ruined the guy's day-perhaps his whole week-as it is a monday. but i had solid reasons. this close friend who is more than a brother to someone, suddenly has turned cold, to one and all. no one knows why!

life and times what else should one say. but i was not willing to give up. i asked what the matter was. he was a happy man who wanted to know when we wr arriving for his wedding. did he really want us around?

off late he never did made any attempt to keep in touch. we had to believe that he has changed - for whatever has changed him this way.

i donno y i called this man. blasted him for years of obscure silence. i was so disappointed - i don recollect what i said and i did not. i had armed myself the mighty reason of a bygone friendship. his thoughtful excuses wr abrupt - there was no more connection - i realised painfully that we wr nw strangers.

let dwn totally... with no more words... time or energy to bear with him - i resigned to fate. this time unhurt and with a liberated feeling. to demand anything out of old ties is not fair - i understood hesitantly. learnt it the hard way.

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