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Friday, 4 May 2007

did i talk to god ?

last few days i was in a trans...i generally engage in a monologue when i am seraching for some answrs and most oftenly i find answers myself...thanks to some leads in to the other and voila...u get the answer. but most of the time i wasn sure of the answer and then the process continues...on and on...but recently i have seen that it is someone else who is doing the second person's talking...most oftenly he doesn let me finish my thought. and i get the answer. is he god? like george almighty asks? is he really GOD?i have started lighting a candle every morning. and have recently started thanking god for every day that went by. is god stopping by me to check out my issues? i sister says that when u r worried and if u open the bible...u will find the exact lines that uwanted to read. i always used to brush her aside saying 'it was a ht of coincidence'.off late my monologues have dissappeared. perhaps my questions are vanishing. now all the answers seem ready to come one after the other. i seriously dont know what to ask. now this person keeps answering all the time. where was he all this while?...see i din complete this question and he said the answer all ready. he says i was lost in the noise that i had inside and thus never bothered to listen to him. n that now its turn as the noise is he will speak ... it seems. actually it is not any voice i hear...just that my thoughts only...i don feel like completing it. i got the answer

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