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Thursday, 15 March 2007

hidden duties

last one week was wonderful. yes i have started thanking god for the good things in life even when i am dealing with tougher times. tough now seems easy. thanks to 'law of attraction' the secret hint!. thanks oprah!

tday while i was travelling to office...heard this wierd thing on the breakfast show where the radio jockey was squeeking out how stupid blogging is and how wierd she finds those bloggittarians...and 'new species' who, according to her, 'are desparate to find attention' from almost anyone in the net. she owes an apology to orkut. she also mentiond that it is a sign of desparateness that people log on to social sites. well i am not interested in generating opinions on this. let her b happy with her findings. anyone who posts has the right to own up his actions...and like feather flock together. i am indeed so happy we can blog, chat, catchup online. we need not wait for someone to listen to us all the time we want to share something. we can post it and tell it out to anyone and everyone by blogging - its is for me n u who lie this new hobby!...wr we can think n type freely and enjoy the freedom of word n thought n space unlimited...unlike the pea-brained radio jockey who parrots out borrowed ideas thru her nose [sorry she also has an annoying nasal voice - not to my joy]. i think it is the evolution we have to accept. bloggitarians are a catching...n very useful for those who want to be useful. u cant direct they should lead their lives...there is no ifs n buts that are for why bother at all. live n let live babe.

it is wonderful to know that our hidden duties actually make or mar our lives. we think of success and we attract it into our lives. we think of love and we attract true love. we become purely happy by being happy. it is so simple n meaningful. life is actually so simple and nice. its high time each of us knew this hidden truth n lead a life happily ever after way. by the way why did i get all so fired up at that rj in between? no idea! but truly no hidden agendas here - please!

Saturday, 3 March 2007

apj songs

apj song dedicated to the hostel and ram singh sir (PT)

ik din ghis gayenge jooton ke sole
unme hojayenge bade bade hole
humari tamanna hai ke PT nahi ho
subah yeh shlokon ka smaran nahi ho

apj song dedicated to madhu ma'm (sanskrit)

falam fale falani
aapki sanskrit
hume na aani