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Monday, 19 February 2007

two nidhis - treasure troves

yes i have two very good friends who share the common first name. nidhi means treasure in sanskrit. and truely they r two treasures of a kind. bold n beautiful.

i met the first nidhi in delhi while studying journalism. she is a punjabi from jammu. she was the first person i was drawn to on the first day of the course for some general query. but we actually got closer during the last few months of the yr-long class. she came to rescue me from the claws of a reckless woman in my class, who shall remain unnamed for stupid reasons. nidhi is a journalist, based in delhi and is going strong n single. we chat everyday. she is very dear to me. i visited her home in jammu. i love the kahwa (saffron tea) they make.

the other nidhi is a manglorean bunt. bunts are a small community that speak tulu. we have a famous bunt on the world map - aishwarya rai. anyway this friend of mine was completely my soul mate for the one year we lived together in mumbai. we wr truely in love with each other. she has helped me in so many small ways that it is difficult to put it all together. she saw me 24x7...we ate, slept n roamed around like free spirits - those wr the days. both us wr seeking some answers in life. we lived the perfect spinster life.

we could board a train at 11 in the night and cling to each other for we had no enuff warm clothing to beat the rough cold breeze nor the courage to fight something bad that cud potentially happen. but we wr well protected by none other than the one above. beggars...night policemen - all of them looked errie from our squashed little corner.

once we both left early morning on a train to pune, 2 hrs from mumbai. we spent the night at one of nidhi's frnds. had the best home made brk fast ever there and left for karla caves near pune. it was such an amazing trip. truly rake n rambling. we came back home with dry fruit sweets from lonawala n dirty shoes. nidhi got married and is now a happy mother of a 'baby monkey' - that's what she calls her baby girl.

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