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Saturday, 17 February 2007


I know I am late...but I believe it is never too start blogging.

I used to write letters to myself as a child. Back then as a bored hosteler i had a different life altogether. I always had lot of friends but too many secrets to share. So din know what to do with them – the secrets. Stumbled upon writing - a good habit for a school-goer – who soon became topper in language classes [sorry a saggi will never hide the truth on the grounds of humility/modesty ;)].

One day my roommate cherry [I loved her name so much for it was my favourite’s fruit. I started calling my baby sister so], asked me what i keep scribbling all the time and to whom!? 'To a pen pal' [imaginary one or a white lie]. Sometimes the urge to pen down something was so severe that in between a chat session I would rush out flashing the small finger. People obviously thought i had a bladder trouble that kept me running to the loo all the time. They giggled but i din bother to correct anyone cos it was my big secret – right!? i was happy i had secrets no one knew, all by/for myself.

Years later when we wr moving home amma asked me to junk my ‘old crap and greeting cards’. i found few of those notes to self – giggled through my scriblings and not-so-easily recollectable instances from junior school. Realised that I had evolved from a stupid fearless kid to a stupid fearless as well as shameless adult – a total misfit and a pretender in the sophisticated grownups world. a few years after chucking those notes i watched an episode of dr.phill, [dr. phil is oprah's sociologist friend who had his own show]. the doc said the best way to solve a problem is to write it down. i felt wickedly happy to learn that.

And i am happy i am a blogger. Blogs wr designed for crazy hearts like me – who pretend a lot and keep plenty of secrets even while spilling out many jaw dropping ones. but i confess no saggi can be secretive for so long. i think i must read da vinci code closely once again to get some ideas to b secretive. is that what I aim to do here? You are watching channel blu - your complete source of entertainment and torture ;).

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